Rental Yields Surge in Q1 2024

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May 8, 2024

In Q1 2024, landlords witnessed a notable surge in rental yields, marking a third consecutive quarterly increase. The research conducted by Paragon Bank unveils promising insights into the property investment landscape, with average gross rental yields reaching a commendable 6.1%. This milestone not only surpasses the 6% mark for the first time since late 2021 but also represents the highest level observed since Q2 2018.

Exploring Rental Yield Dynamics within UK Property Investment

The study, conducted by Pegasus Insight and encompassing responses from nearly 800 landlords, delves into the nuances of rental yield variations across different property types.

Insights from Richard Rowntree, Paragon Bank's Managing Director of Mortgages, shed light on the driving forces behind this upward trajectory. Rowntree highlights landlords' pursuit of maximising returns amidst economic challenges while grappling with an escalating tax burden.

Navigating Regional Disparities

Unveiling regional disparities, the research underscores the varied landscape of rental yields across different locales. Landlords in North East England emerge as frontrunners, boasting the highest average yields of 7.0%, closely trailed by counterparts in Yorkshire & The Humber, reporting commendable yields of 6.6%.

In contrast, landlords in England's capital witness more modest returns, influenced in part by soaring property prices. Outer London landlords record the lowest average yields of 5.2%, with Central London landlords achieving a slightly higher 5.7%. Meanwhile, landlords in Wales report yields of 5.6%, positioning them as the second lowest in the yield spectrum.

Navigating Challenges and Opportunities

Amidst the backdrop of soaring rental inflation, the quest for balancing landlord profitability with tenant affordability looms large. Rowntree underscores the pivotal role of addressing the supply-demand imbalance in maintaining rents at sustainable levels. A thriving property market not only fosters landlord investments but also augments housing stock availability, offering tenants a wider array of choices.

In essence, the latest insights into rental yields not only paint a picture of optimism for landlords but also underscore the pressing need for concerted efforts to foster a balanced and sustainable property investment ecosystem.

Prime Investment Prospects: Birmingham and Liverpool

Birmingham and Liverpool stand as prime investment hubs, offering enticing prospects for property investors. Birmingham, a bustling economic centre in the Midlands, boasts a diverse rental market and steady demand from students and professionals. Meanwhile, Liverpool's cultural richness and ongoing urban regeneration projects contribute to its appeal, with affordable property prices and strong rental demand driving investor interest.

Both cities exhibit economic resilience, supported by diversified economies and ongoing urban renewal initiatives. With attractive rental yields outperforming national averages, Birmingham and Liverpool present compelling opportunities for investors seeking stable returns and long-term capital appreciation. Whether capitalising on Birmingham's tech-driven growth or tapping into Liverpool's cultural renaissance, these cities offer a promising landscape for savvy property investors.

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